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It's been an age and a bit since i updated my DA journal, and i was tagged by the very sweet :iconinkingsky: to talk about my character Fennex....and how could I possibly say not to that? :D

1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other people along with the characters you want them to write about 
4. Post their avatars and write the character names next to them.

8 facts about Fennex
The Rain was Never Cold when I was Young by raygirl

1. Fennex gets his name partly because it sounds like 'Pheonix' (Fennex is a fire angel) and partly from a store in the UK called 'Fenwick' which is pronounced Fennex...and it always bugged me as a kid that it was pronounced that way XD

2. Fennex is the rayangel of fire and as such has a high tolerance for heat. As well as being able to shrug off fire and hold/touch hot objects without fear he can also regulate his body heat so it stays at a constant temperature regardless of the weather.

3. Fennex was raised by his father Goliath after his mother died when he was a baby. He has a very close relationship with his dad and admires him greatly.

4. Fennex comes from a long line of fire-based limbless beings who draw their powers from a phoenix bird spirit. The spirit is passed down from parent to child each generation, and as well and blessing the bearer with fire magic it can also transform them into a huge firebird if trained correctly. The firebird form looks similar to the Boss Bird from Rayman Origins.

5. He's an amazing cook who loves to experiment with recipes. His favourite foods include super spicy stews and curries, chilli chocolate and marshmallows.

6. Fennex is terrified of deep water and can't swim

7. Despite his size and dangerous powers Fennex is a big old sweetheart who loves warm hugs and making new friends. It's VERY hard to make Fennex angry.

8. As well as baking Fennex loves bird watching, going for long, quiet flights, and taking part in fire-based festivals. He enjoys using his fire powers to entertain rather than to fight.

I also got tagged by :iconsny--eamdray: to do this with my character Osiah.  I figured I'd attach this onto my existing journal and keep the tagees the same.

8 facts about Osiah!
Osier the Dryad by raygirl

1. Osiah is a dryad who's connected to a tree in an abandoned human village.  The tree has grown there for hundreds of years and Osiah was there to witness the growth and decay of the village.  As far as he is concerned the village is his domain. 
Since the village was abandoned Osiah moved into the stone church of the village and made it his home.  While still connected to his tree he's turned the church into a sanctuary and healing station for mythical creatures in the area.  His powers over plants have cut the village off to outsiders.

2. Osiah is terribly shy when it comes to newcomers unless they seek medical attention.  He's good at administering care proffessionally but struggles deeply with small talk and general socialising.  Hence he only has a small group of close friends.

3. Osiah is gifted in healing and medical care, using his vast knowledge of plants and herbs to tend to those who seek his aid.  He is also a very steady handed surgeon and potion brewer when needed.

4.  Despite his shyness towards humans Osiah is fascinated by human beings, moreso than the magical creatures he surrounds himself with.  He would love to get close and learn more about them, but he is terrified of scaring them.

5.  Couples with his curiosity with humans Ossie also has a thing for human architecture, hence why he took over the village church.  He has a thing for human made structures, which extents to dolls houses, bird houses, house-shaped lanterns and other small decorative homes. 

6. Being a tree creature Ossie's natural fear is fire.  He's fine with candles and even campfires but gets anxious if fires are left burning unchecked or not dowsed properly.

7. Ossie'  cannot travel too far from his 'home tree'.  The only way to move further would be to abandon his tree and move to a new one, but this leaves him vulnerable and powerless, so he chose to stay close to him home in the village.

8. Despite being hundreds of years old Ossie is quite young for a nymph and fairly naive about the wider world beyond his tree-based knowledge, hence his curiosity for human beings.

I Taaaag:

:iconmoodypug:'s Kaede
:icondelshark:'s Nicky
:iconfayfaery:'s Fae
:iconeshap:'s Melody
:iconblatherpuss:'s Cabot
:iconqwertypictures:'s Laura
:iconanzu-0:'s Anassy
:iconmarleymoonflight:'s Morgan!
Getting back into the swing of drawing some of my Rayian characters and revamping their stories, personalities etc.  Generally I've just been going through picking out favourites, but I figured it might be fun and inspiring to see which characters YOU'D like to see get an update....if you're interested in that kind of thing ;)

100 Rayman fancharacters by raygirl <<<<<<< So, if you'd like to go to this picture and pick a number of a character you'd like to see me revamp and leave a comment on this journal, I'll see what I can do ;D  

I'll come up with something similar to this:
Roxy and Ivy by raygirl

 - ONE suggestion per person, please :D  Also check the comments to make sure the number you want hasn't already been suggested by someone else :)
 - Exclusions are 49, 50, 73, 86, 93 and 97 as I have already drawn them or am in the process of drawing them :D  
 - Also 99 and 100 are old character designs i don't plan on revamping, so please don't pick them XD

Thank you my dears.  Have a lovely day!
It's about time I updated my journal with something important.

You might have already seen this from the plugs being posted over at the GladeofDreams group, but if you haven't I would like to bring more attention to it.…

The original composer for Rayman 1 has set up this Kickstarter to fund an exciting new music project where he re-imagines the music from the classic game in new ways and turns it into a physical album complete with vinyls and CD copies.  He's trying to raise €50,000 to cover the base level of the project, and has a whole load of backer goodies available for fans.  There is even an option to go and see Remi and his team record the album in France!

This is such an exciting project, not only for Rayman fans but for anyone who enjoys the classic sounds of PS1 games.  But this project needs support.

If you can back this project please please please do.  if you can't for financial reasons then promote and spread the word to as many communities as you can.  This Kickstarter has already been shared by several gaming websites internationally, but it needs to be spread to more communities that deal with retro games, the PS1 and gaming music.  The more the word spreads the better the chances of funding this project and getting our hands on all these wonderful goodies (which, I should add are FULLY ENDORSED by Ubisoft)

PLEASE pledge if you can
If you can't, spread the word.  Share this journal.  Share the kickstarter.  Share wherever you can!

Thank you :)

Tagged by :icondangermousefan1981:

1. You have to post ALL the rules (Just follow the rules!!)
2. Each person has to share 13 things about themselves  (Fun fact, most people don't do that)
3. Answer 13 questions asked to you, and invent 13 questions for tagged people to answer 
4. Choose 13 people 
5. You legitimately have to tag 13 people  
6. You CAN'T say you don't do tags....or can?
7. Tag-backs ARE ALLOWED 
8. YOU MUST DO THE JOURNAL ENTRY! NO COMMENTS! Unless you're talking -ABOUT the Journal Entry 
9. You have to finish within a week. If you don't finish in time, you have to do whatever the creator asks 
10. Be creative with the title. You can't mention you got tagged in the title, but can in the Journal/Journal description.

These are the questions I have to answer:

1. Which character from the Danger Mouse Reboot do you dislike the most: Quark, Sinister Mouse, Baron Penfold, or Jeopardy Mouse?

I actually had to go look up who Quark was because he's so unmemorable I forgot who he was XD  I pick him because at least I remember Jeopardy Mouse

2. The Viva Pinata game or the Viva Pinata TV show?

The game, in a fun little collectathon kinda way.  The show was always a little 'try hard' for me.

3. Does "The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron" live up to the movie's standards or not?

Man, i dunno.  I was never a fan of the show and I've never seen the movie all the way though.

4. Is "The Fairly OddParents" an insult to mythical/mystical creatures and the Greek Gods?

No more than Gravity Falls XD

5. Which Disney DVD sequel do you think is the worst?

Personally I think they're all pretty awful with a few exceptions. If I had to pick one it would be Hunchback of Notre Dame 2

6. Do you consider "Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time" not canon?

I HAVE NO IDEA, I never played the games and I barely remember what order they went in XD

7.  At the end of Sly 3, do you think Sly should've told Carmelita that he loved her rather than faking his amnesia?

No idea.  Maybe?  Eeeeh? *shrug*

8. The "Ratchet & Clank" 2016 game or the "Ratchet & Clank" feature film?

Probably the game because I hear the movie is pretty weaksause.

9. Do you like or hate Dr. Nefarious?

Dunno, never met the guy personally.

10. The original "Spyro" games or the "Legend of Spyro" games?

So long as it's not one of those awful isometric games for the GBA I'd take either XD

11. Who are your favorite Skylanders? (One Skylander per element)

I couldn't possibly tell you because I have no idea

12. Unicorn Twilight Sparkle or Alicorn Twilight Sparkle?


13. Putt-Putt or Freddi Fish?

Neither.  It's all about Discworld and Kings Quest. ;D

Since the 13 questions I got were fandom-centric i figure it would be fun to do some fandom-based questions of my own: 

1. What was your first fandom that you joined online?
2. What is your 'top' fandom i.e. the fandom you are most often involved with?
3. What is the most obnoxious fandom you have associate with?
4. Have you ever cosplayed as a character from your top fandom?
5. Uncle Grandpa: Y or N?
6. What is the worst instalment of your top fandom? (worst game, worst series, worst movie/episode whatever)
7. What is your favourite pokemon generation?
8. If you were an element of harmony (Magic, Loyalty, Honesty, Laughter, Kindness, Generosity) which would you be and why?
9. What is your favourite piece of merchandise
 from your top fandom? (this can include games)
10: what's the most outlandish, crazy or weird thing you have done relating to your top fandom?
11. What was the last anime you watched?
12: Which fandom would you like to tell to 'tone it down' most?
13. What made up food/meal/sweet from any piece of fiction would you love to try in real life?

I tag the following people to answer these questions ;D
  1. :iconretromissile:
  2. :iconschatten-phoenix:
  3. :iconimabludog:
  4. :iconsny--eamdray:
  5. :iconharuka-tavares:
  6. :iconclaraknight:
  7. :iconmarleymoonflight:
  8. :iconearthgwee:
  9. :icontulidragon:
  10. :iconniekurzakova:
  11. :iconfairy-slayer:
  12. :icondbkit:
  13. :iconwithimagination:

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:star:UPDATE 11th AUGUST:star:

Ok, so these commissions are officially closed for now! :D

A big thank you to :iconastaaura: and :iconrienet-halun: for their very generous shoutouts drawing attention to these commissions :D Much appreciated!


Look at all those lovely ponies.  I just wanted to put them all together so I could see them all :D
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Since I've had so much fun doing these recent pony trades with fellow pony fans and gained some new followers from them (hello my darlings, thank you!) I wanted to throw this idea out there for anyone who takes an interest in those particular pony pictures.

While I'm still happy to offer them as trades I do like to get something of equal value in return for my work.  Thankfully my last few trades have been with some very talented and devoted artists and I could not be happier with the beautiful artwork I got!

However there might be people out there who would really like a pony picture but don't want to/can't offer a picture in return.

So my plan is to offer those same style of pony pictures as cheap commissions.

I'm thinking $7 for a picture like this of a pony of your choice:
Trade - Strike Burst by raygirl Trade - Kindle by raygirl Trade - KyuFlake by raygirl

this includes Oc's, cannon ponies, pegasi, unicorns, alicorns...ponies of any and all type welcome!

So what do you folks think?  Would this be of interest to you?  Please comment below the let me know your thoughts!  Even if you completely hate the idea I'd like to know ;)
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Since apparently I've not posted a new entry in over a year.  I got tagged to do this question thingy so here we go :)


1. You have to post these rules

2. Each person has to share 13 things about them

3. Answer the 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer. 

4. Choose 13 people

5. You have to legitimately tag 13 people. 

6. You can't say you don't do tags. 

7. Tag-backs are ALLOWED

8. YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY. NO COMMENTS. Unless you're commenting about the actual entry. 

9. You have to finish this within a week. If not; you'll have to do whatever the creator tells you to. Art, rp, etc.

10. Be creative with the title. No "I've Got Tagged" things. 

11. Cursing is ALLOWED.

Tagged By: Neon-Raptor

13 Things About Me:
1) My birthday is the 3rd of March hence my lucky number is 3
2) I'm a Piscean Ox which makes me creative, steadfast and willing to go with the flow...apparently
3) My favourite animal is the Manatee
4) I'm an animator, my favourite animation software is CelAction.
5) I love baking, particularly cakes and sweet treats.
6) I have never watched any of the Back to the Future movies
7) I have an irrational fear of spiders and the Disney character Goofy
8) I adore bees and like to pet them
9) I can recite the names of all the Kings and Queens of England in order without reference
10) I am hugely sensitive to people eating loudly or talking with their mouths full.  It's nasty, don't do it.
11) I LOVE bad movies and riffing on them.
12) I love hugs
13) If you make me a cup of tea consider yourself a friend.
Questions from the person who tagged me
1) Who is your favorite character?

....from what?  I guess the answer would be Rayman, but it depends on what specific show or book or film or game we're talking about ^_^* 

2) Do u like sonic?

I have no problem with Sonic.  The sonic fandom was one of the first groups I got involved with when i started using the web.  Some of my oldest friends come from the Sonic fandom.  While I admit it's one of the spawlingly odd fandoms online (see Chris Chan) I cannot deny the popularity of the blue blur.  It's just a shame Sega doesn't know what to do with him.

3) What is your favorite thing to draw

Curves and smooth shapes

4) Favorite movie?

Yellow Submarine

5) If u could be anything what would you be?

I dunno....something with wings?  A human with wings.

6) R u a hater, ok with, or am a brony?

I love ponies, so I'd consider myself a brony.

7) Favorite Game?


8) If u could have any pet what would it be?

While I would love a pet manatee...I'd probably go with a cat.  A black cat :)

9) Least favorite game?

Dokapon: Monster Hunter.  GOD this game.  ERGH

10) Ever did something u wish u could undo?

Lots of things. Nothing specific pops to mind

11) If u could have anything from any video game what would it be?

A Mosquito from Rayman.  Then he could give me a ride to work

12) What is ur favorite brand

Uni:Qlo clothes.  Love their clothes

13) If u could have any super power what would it be?

The power to fly.

My questions

1) describe your favourite t-shirt
2) Name one popular thing that everyone loves but that you dislike.
3) Name one thing you really love but everyone else seems to dislike.
4) Who would be in your ultimate pokemon team
5) Favourite ice cream flavour?
6) Favourite tools for creating art?
7) If you won a huge sum of money right now what would you do with it FIRST?
8) Place you'd love to visit?
9) Jedi or Hogwarts Wizard?
10) What one song do you love to sing on Kareoke?
11) If you could pick ONE video game character as your team mate in a tag-team battle, who would you pick?
12) What was the last thing that made you laugh?
13) Have you ever hated a movie so much that you walked out of the theater?

The person who tagged me: Neon-Raptor
13 tags:
Neon-Raptor (yep i tagged back ;D), SweetDream87, delSHARK, Haruka-Tavares , ClaraKnight  , Droidigan , Crash-the-Megaraptor , ElwisFromPoland , dbkit , FairyLy , Schatten-Phoenix , SubtleyMused , Blatherpuss 

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Ok, so as you can probably tell my the shortness of this message I've not had much free time to go through the MANY MANY WONDERFUL AND KIND BIRTHDAY MESSAGES people have sent me.  I aim to thank EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU, and respond to birthday pictures and shower you with my love.  But this coming weekend will be the first where I've actually had a few quiet days to myself before getting my head down with the next batch of commissions XD  This weekend i will finally get a chance to clear out the ol inbox XD

So until then, a belated BIG THANK YOU to you all.  You are absolutely lovely and as i said i will get round to thanking everyone personally very soon.
Love and kisses to you all my darlings!

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Thank you to everyone who passed around the message and spread the word, and a BIG thank you to my commissioners!  I'll get started on your ponies right away ^-^  I'll be keeping this journal as an update journal.

Sorry to anyone who didn't get a slot this time around, but I'm sure I'll be doing more sales in the future.  And my other commissions are still open (though ponies take priority for the time being!)

  1. jade-beaver - Paid!
  2. HarmonyStar-v2 
  3. ZeroPegasi
  4. Jeriih - Paid!
  5. Aqua-Wish - paid!

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*blows away the cobwebs*

Boy howdy, not updated this beast in a while.  Hmm.

Ok so...hello anyone who still follows/reads my DA journals.  To you people I say thank you :D

Guess I should throw out a life update of sorts to anyone who cares ^-^*  So here we go.

Working on Sarah&Duck

Ok so anyone who's been following me on Tumblr or Facebook will already know that the studio that I work for started airing its new preschool show Sarah and Duck on the ceebeebies channel. It's a series I'm working on as an animator (and loving it.  CelAction is my homegirl), and we're al really thrilled to see it on the big screen.  Currenly it's only airing in the UK, but I'm told there are plans to show it internationally in the future.  There are a couple of low-res uploads of the episodes on Youtube if you're really curious, but in you're in the UK you can find it easily on iPlayer .  If you've already seen it or know kids who enjoy it I'd love to hear what you guys think of the show.  

Despite being a preschool show it is STILL a lot of hard work and long-ish hours (9.30am to 6.30pm every day...later if we're running behind) which means I've been doing less and less personal art because I'm just run ragged XD

But I'm not complaining.  As I say i LOVE my job, but the sacrifice of doing my job means less time on personal projects and less time on DA.  Plus there are other issues stemming from work...

Eye problems

After a freaky week where I was struggling to see things clearly I finally caved and went for an eye test.  Turns out I have astigmatism in my right eye which is a common problem amongst creatives and animators.  My actual vision is fine, but using computer screens strains my eyes to I'll need glasses.  This helps explain why I've not being doing much digital art recently because looking at my laptop screen for any long period of time is murder on my eyes, especially after a full day on a computer at work.

However I should be getting my new glasses on monday and that should help fix a few things.  In the meantime I've been focussing on traditional arts and any laptop time is for sorting commissions (because they take priority)

Commissions are still open, so if anyone is interested please check out the details on my front page.

New Housemate!

After living alone for some time I finally have a new housemate, my fabulous buddy Araniel who has started a new job in London recently.  This is great for me because we get on great and she forces me to get off my laptop and do other things...which in turn is good for my eyes and everything else.  Plus she's fabulous.  She just is.

All these reasons go towards explaining my quietness and lack of updates.  I'm sorry to anyone who has been left hanging while watching me waiting for new good stuffs.  I have not abandoned DA.  I sneak on quite often to maintain clubs, browse galleries and sneak a peak and what my friends are up to.  Despite my busy RL I do not plan on leaving DA any time soon, because I still enjoy this site and the feedback I get from it.  

You guys encourage and inspire me to keep doing what I enjoy.  Eye problems and work are not about to change that.

On a final note i want to give a shout out to a bucketload of GORGEOUS ARTWORK my DA friends have done for me recently (birthday related and otherwise).  I cannot thank you guys and girls enough, you are all UTTER SWEETHEARTS.  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

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Happy belated Thanksgiving y'all!  I hope you guys and gals in the US ate lots of yummy fuds and spent time with your family and/or friends...and generally had a nice time.  Also best wishes to anyone having to work through Black Friday, you are in our thoughts you brave, brave people.

So with Thanksgiving and Christmas being just around the corner I figured it was time to get some goodwill all up in this HIZAY.  So I'm doing this again :)

Post a comment telling me about a good deed that you did for someone else.  It can be something relatively small, or a life changing action that you performed for someone.  No good deed is too small or 'unworthy', it can be as simple as offering to walk the neighbours dog or giving things to a goodwill charity, all good deeds should be recognised and praised.  

Post your good deed here and I will post them in my journal for all to read, singing the praises of your goodness.  Lets get some good will and charitable feelings going for this holiday time!

So lets get this party STARTED.
party balloons by loveboxx
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XD  I love you guys, you make me feel speshul

* You must post these rules.
* Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create ten new questions for the people you tag to answer.
* You have to choose ten people to tag and post their icons on your Journal.
* Go to their pages and tell them you have tagged him/her.
* No tag backs.
* No crap in the tagging section about "You're tagged if you're reading this". You legitimately have to tag ten people.

Ok so i got tagged by :iconbrawldrawer: and :icongamefreakdx: LITERALLY at the same time, so I'll answer both their questions at once :)

Brawldrawer's questions

1) You've been turned into a Sonic character from the 90's, who are you?
I don't know my sonic characters that well, so I'd probably just be Amy Rose XD

2) You only have 200 seconds to collect at least 1,000 coins! Quick, Mario or Luigi to help you?
Luigi :3

3) Bonbon or Lyra?
Bonbon, because candy

4) Wreck it Ralph is coming! Which of the main characters do you consider yourself?
I've not seen this film yet so i have no way of being able to answer this question accurately XD

5) Mario or Luigi?
Wasn't this question 2?  Luigi again :)

6) If you've seen my gallery, which of my characters are your favorite?
Ramona Rayman_better version by Brawldrawer Ramona :D

7) From Mario kart 7, Wiggler, Metal Mario, or Lakitu?

8) Rayman 2 or Rayman Origins?
Rayman origins :)

9) I meet you with a big smile at your front door, what do you do?
Invite you in for tea and cake :D

10) If you were a mare or colt, what is your cutie mark?
I don't know...probably something goofy and simple like a paintbrush painting a rainbow or something

GamefreakDX's questions

1. What's your favourite TV show?
Currently that would be Gravity Falls

2. Muffin or Cupcake?
ARGH.  It would depend completely on the time opf day and type of muffin/cupcake.  Right now I'd say cupcake

3. What's your favourite anime character?
Black Jack

4. What's the thing you regret doing the most?
Loosing my temper at someone who didn't deserve it

5. Pokemon or Digimon?

6. What would your reaction be if the end of the world was ACTUALLY in 21st December 2012?
I'd be pissed because I didn't get to finish my advent calendar

7. What's your favourite gaming console or hand-held?
The GameBoy Advance

8. 3 chests. One has a Fire Flower, a Super Leaf, and a Frog Suit. What would you choose?

9. Classic or Modern games?
Classic :)

10.  Is this a question?

Ok, I tag these unlucky people:


1) What one thing are you currently obsessed with?
2) Do you like McDonalds?
3) What is your favourite bird?
4) If you could have a life supply of ONE particular junk food, what would it be?
5) What's the strangest/most unusual animal that you have ever encountered (i.e. it has to be something you've seen in real life, not on TV or the internet?)
6) Do you glow in the dark?
7) A strange box covered in mystic symbols and pentagrams appears suddenly on your doorstep.  Do you open it?
8) Are you young enough to remember this show?…
9) Do you currently own a pet?  If so what is it and what's it's name?
10) Will you be dressing up for Halloween?  

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So I figured I should update this with some life stuff provided DA has stopped being a dickweed and will let me post journal entries.  I'll be keeping the commish journal updated too, there are still slots open for Pony -Heads

Adventure Time
Adventure Time stamp by HybridYuki
So anyone on my facebook or who are fans of WeLoveFine might have seen I got runner up in their most recent Adventure Time t-shirt design contest, and despite a mix up with the judges and wotnot WLF are total bros who sorted the whole thing out.  

All the winning designs were fantastic and are worth a look, you can find a link to my shirt (Bat and Belfry rock AKA Bringing Down the Belfry) in the comments on this image:
Bringing down the belfry by raygirl

If you do buy my shirt I'd love to know :)  I haven't been able to buy any shirts from WLF so I have no idea what they are like in reality!

Tumblr. Stamp by PFV0-Stamp
So i finally caved in an got myself a couple of tumblrs to post art and comment on nutty tumblrs I frequent.  So if you're on tumblr don't hesitate to drop in :) - Raygirl's Ramblings
This is a general chatting/reblogging tumblr for sharing things and chatting and questions (if people have any).  It's kinda empty at the moment but I will get a more funky layout set up soon - Dizzymosquito
This is basically a portfolio tumblr so when people ask me 'OMG SHOW ME SOME ARTS' I have a clean site of my best work to show em.  All of the stuff on here will be on my DA page, so there probably won't be any surprises for people who watch my DA page XD

MCM Expo Stamp by razorviolet
Finally I'll be attending MCM London this weekend, but ONLY ON THE SUNDAY.  I don't think i can handle a full weekend right now XD  But I'm looking forward to seeing some lovely peeps who I know are going to be there *joooy*  If you're going to MCM on the sunday let me know what/who you're cosplaying as (if any) and I'll keep my eyes peeled.  I'll be in my Derpy Hooves costume (pics can be found in my favourites list), so if you see me PLEASE come over and say hi.  I love meeting new people!
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  • Watching: Gravity Falls
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  • Eating: Lasagne
Sooo if you're watching my gallery you might have seen I put this info up:
Pony -HEADS commission details by raygirl

Yes I'm offering to draw -HEADS for OC pony characters in the style of the other ponies you can find in my gallery.  I'm posting this journal to keep a tally on who's put their name down for a picture, the progress of their picture, and finished results so people can see the type of thing they'll get :D

Thank you to all the people who have said they like the pony -HEADS series, even if you can't afford to buy one at the moment.  I appreciate the support and kind words :D Even if you just spread the word around that I'm doing these commissions that would be amazing and super helpful ^-^

:star: Star Guide :star:

:star: - Paid for
:star::star: - Sketch in progress
:star::star::star: - Colouring in progress
:star::star::star::star: - Picture complete

:star:Commissions list :star:

1) :iconcandlegirl: - FireFeather
Comm - Firefeather by raygirl

2) :iconbasic-hedgehog: - Unity
Comm - Unity by raygirl

3) :iconkatcardy: - DW
Comm - DW by raygirl

4) :iconsbuzzard: - Prisma
Comm - Prisma by raygirl

5) #open#
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...and I'm not afraid to use it.

Soooooooooooooo internet at home is still a major problem.  BT are still being a bunch of lying, useless incompetents, so i've resorted to buying an USB internet dongle from O2 (ANOTHER long and not funny story) so I have some access to the web.

But despite being able to pootle about online I have found a weird flaw.  For SOME REASON UNKNOWN TO ME browsing using the dongle makes the 'send' button on comments on deviantart COMPLETELY VANISH.  I have NO WAY to send comments or reply to people outside of the message centre, which means I can't comment on pictures, journals, news posts or anything else.  If I have a message in my inbox I can reply to those because the send button appears, but not on deviations, journals, front pages etc.

I DON'T KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON.  Anyone have any explanation?  Any helpful tips?

And NO it's not my computer or browser (I use google chrome btw), if I use an internet cafe or my parents home internet it works fine and I can comment away happily.  So I'm baffled.  Why would using an internet dongle effect my browser?!  So far DA is the only site I've found this problem on, and the only other problem I've found is that images always load at low rez unless I shift+click them...not a huge problem compared to the 'send' button deal.

If anyone has any idea why this might be happening I'd love to hear em ;_;  thanks!

In other new Gravity Falls is making me consider buying a Sky box, Rayman Legends makes me want to buy a WiiU, The Tiger and Bunny movie is ok...just ok....and the brony fandom is starting to worry me.
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So if you've seen my featured deviation recently you might know I've entered my 'Bringing Down the Belfey' design to WeLoveFine's Adventure Time T-Shirt contest.  I would really appreciate any and all votes because this contest has a LOT of quality entries.  If anyone has a WLF account and wouldn't mind bopping over to the link below to vote on my entry I'd be amazingly grateful.  If I win the shirt design will be made into an official shirt and sold via WLF *excited*… < my entry

ALSO if you happen to have entered the same contest and submitted a design TELL ME and I'll pimp your design in this journal too :D

Thank you for your time :D

Yeah I still have no internet at home because British telecom are a hive of scum and villainy and lies.  But here's hoping they might get their act together by tuesday and I'll FINALLY have broadband internet in my flat. *siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh*

Oh I saw Brave.  It was frustrating and How to Train Your Dragon is WAY better.  I can't wait for Paranorman (I'M SEEING IT ON WEDNESDAY OMFG) and Wreck it Ralph and Rise of the Guardians.  There's lots of good stuff coming up :D

Oh, I should also say that I'll be opening commissions for Rayian characters VERY soon.  I just need to come up with some examples to show what you get for your money :3  Is there anyone out there who would commission me for anything else?  I'm also planning customised -HEADS artwork to get me back in the swing.

Also these are still avaliable
Postcard+Chibi extravaganza by raygirl

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Hi guys and girls, sorry for the relative internet silence but I still have no internet in my flat and have to rely on work's interwebs to check DA and do anything more complicated than checking facebook XD

I just wanted to give a shoutout to promote a :star: RAYGIRLS ART TRADE :star: we're having over at :iconraygirls:.  It's basically a big trade where you enter with a character you want drawn, get paired up with someone and they draw your character while you draw theirs :)

Currently we have 11 entrants, but we need an even number to get started, so really we need ONE MORE entrant to get going.  So if you have a female Rayman fancharacter (they don't have to be called 'Raygirl', they just have to be a female character of Rayman's species) and you like doing art trades for peoples then please come and join us and take part

For all the info GO HERE:


Thank you and god bless ;D
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Howdy all by DA buddies :D

Well just a quick update to say I'm still without internet at home, meaning the time I get to browse online, reply to messages and comment on artwork is limited by when I'm at work (and not...yano...WORKING) and when I can sneak into my local cafe for interweb tea-breaks.  I can also pick up notes and messages on my phone, but because my iphone is a little unreliable I cannot reply to anything with it.

I seriously have a huge backup of artwork, comments and faves to get through and thank you and nice things to share, but so little free time to do it.  The good news is that in that free time I've been working on something lovely new artwork...which would be great if I could get my scanner work *le sigh*

But hopefully before the end of this month I'll be up and running with my own interwebs and I'll be able to post messages anew.  in the meantime I just wanted to see if anyone is planning on going to the LONDON DEVMEET at the end on this month?

Join us for a deviantMEET in London, England!

I know a few of my devmeet veteran London based buddies are going, but give us a holla if you're going to be there and I'll make extra special effort to come over and say hi, make you feel welcome if you're new to devmeets :)

Seriously, devmeets are so much fun, I even wrote a special guide about it :D
Guide to Devmeets by raygirl
If you have never been to a meet, or don't even know what one is and you live in London or the UK in general then you might want to read this guide and JOIN US!

It's basically like a big picnic in the park with a bunch of random artists, photographers, developers and crazy people.  There will be cake and bubbles and costumes and people getting hugged and glomped by the truckload.  You are not under any obligation to be arty, but it would be nice if you brought some candy to share :D

So to all my DA buddies i say much love and snugs :D  I'll be back out of radio silence soon!
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I leave deviantart for less than 12 hours to go and do life things and cry about not having internet and everyone changes their usernames and NOW I DON'T KNOW WHO ANYONE IS ;0;



XD I'm only arseing around, change your names however you want but be aware I'm a complete twonk who might forget XD  Forgive me

But I won't be changing my username ;)  I'M A STUBBORN OLD BAG
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Howdy folks :D

First i want to give a little shout out to some GORGEOUS artwork I've received recently but didn't get the chance to post in my last journal.  These people deserve lots of love and kittens :heart:
Another NicePear by Anxietydecending Raygirl and her Rayman by Verona7881 I'm On It by InTheShadowsOTheMoon

So anyone who is friends with me on facebook might know that i'm currently in the process of moving into a new flat.  This has been a very long and drawn out process mainly thanks to the complete incompetence of the contractors for the building and somewhat hampered by work and the process of my family moving out of London around the same time.  Currently I'm bunking with my godmother and stealing her internet :D

HOWEVER with all that I might finally be able to move into my new home tomorrow!

...the only downside is (again thanks to the incompetence of the contractors and BT) I won't have internet access right away.  My only internet access will be at work or at internet cafes...which is fine, because it gives me time to get on with other things without the internet as a distraction.  Such as artwork :D  So if i suddenly go very quiet over the next few weeks please don't think I've dropped off the face of the earth or anything. I'm fine, just less interwebs :3

After getting into my new place the next thing I would like to do is open up commissions to get some savings.  At present the only commissions I have running are my Chibi-Postcard commissions:

Postcard+Chibi extravaganza by raygirl

These commissions are STILL VERY MUCH OPEN.  I have a tonnes of postcards to get rid off and my promarkers are primed and ready for action :)

But i figured those alone won't raise much money, so i have 2 more commission options I'd like to throw out there.  THESE ARE ONLY IDEAS, THEY ARE NOT OPEN YET.

:star: One is an offer to the Rayman fan community for colour/B&W drawing of their fancharacters, similar to these below:
Come to make your day worse by raygirl Snippety snip by raygirl
So either the more 'angular' style of line art or the smooth style.  I figure a full colour character picture would be priced at $15 (about £9).  B&W lineart might cost less, i have not decided.  This would be open to Rayians as well as any other Rayman-themed fancharacter (Fairies, Nymphs, Lacmacians etc)

Does this sound interesting to you?  Is the price something you'd want to pay for such an image?  Let me know!

:star: Second is an idea i've been throwing around for a while, and something for the brony community.  The chance to have your pony character redrawn in the -HEADS style, like these:
Bookworm by raygirl Bumpkin by raygirl Scaredy cat by raygirl

Since these tend to take me longer and require more planning I would probably price these at around $25 (about £15), but you get your unique Pony -HEAD decorated based on their cutiemark and personality or job (if they have one).  And I will happily make them into a wallpaper image for your desktop at your size of choice :)

Does this sound like something you'd want to buy? Let me know!

Bear in mind nothing is concrete at the moment.  Also remember I work a full time job so commissions might take a while.  However i wouldn't expect you to pay full price until completion so it's in my best interests to get the picture done swiftly.  :D

let me know what you think!  Alternatively if you see something else in my gallery and you think 'I'd love to see my character drawn like THAT' let me know.  It doesn't have to be pony or Rayman related :)

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