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March 25, 2012
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Top ten hated characters by raygirl Top ten hated characters by raygirl

I was going to try and draw pictures for each of the boxes, but I couldn't justify the time spent drawing characters I don't like ;)

If you happen to like the characters I've picked in this meme then please don't be offended and don't bother wasting your time telling me how wrong I am and how great the characters are. It won't change my mind and your energies would be better spent commenting on other positive artwork

And I'm well aware it's kinda sad to be getting riled up by cartoon characters intended for a kid audience (with the exception of no.6), but as an animator I enjoy watching cartoons and seeing what the industry comes up with, so the really horrible characters stand out to me a lot more.

Thank you

10) Miss Yukari

Azumanga was one of the earliest anime series I really got into besides Excel Saga and Ah My Goddess, but it's only recently I've realised how hateful and unlikable this character is. I get the gimmick she's going for, but having watched the series so many times I am BAFFLED as to why the people she's friends with (Namely Nyamo) remain friends with her, and why anyone puts up with her selfish, loud, stupid, incompetent ass.

9) Lola Bunny

Really the Nostalgia Critic summed up everything that needs to be said about this character, and I'm purely basing my opinion on Space Jam Lola as that was where she was introduced. She's shallow, she's characterless, she's blatant pandering to a freaky male demographic unlike previous much better female toons, she's fetishy but not in a funny Minerva Mink/Jessica Rabbit kinda way, she stands out like a sore thumb amongst the more 'quirky' loony toons, and the worst part is that for some reason people (including girls) actually like her.

But like I said I'm only basing this on her Space Jam introduction. I've heard she's better in the new Loony Toons show, and I didn't find her as obnoxious and offensive in Baby Loony Toons either so she's not that high on the list.

8) Cheren and Bianca

Hey, remember the old pokemon games where your rival was just some dude with the same goal as you who ran ahead of you and occasionally turned round to challenge/motivate you, but who otherwise had little to no bearing on the greater plot of the game other than as a final boss after the elite four? Remember that? Yeah, I miss that.

Now we have Captain Powerhungry and Little Miss 'MY DADDY WON'T LET ME BE A PKMN TRAINER BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW'. Every single time these guys appeared on the screen I was hitting the 'next' buttons like a woodpecker on speed. STOP TALKING YOU COMPLETE NON CHARACTERS.

7) Haruhi

A wacky, ADHD otaku chick with the power of a god! THAT'S HILARIOUS!

You know what's also hilarious? Physical abuse, physical abuse against men, blackmail, harrasment, sexual harrasment, generally being a moody/selfish/bipolar cow and not getting called out on ANY OF IT.

I hate this character, I hate her popularity, this show is so up its own ass it makes Neon Genesis look humble.

6) Roger

I actually like the show American Dad quite a bit...perhaps moreso than Family Guy...but kinda like Brian in Family Guy the more episodes you watch the more horrible and unpleasant the character of Roger comes across. I don't have a problem with campy characters in cartoons, but Roger is a SERIOUS bitch, and it's NOT FUNNY. If I were an alien living undercover in a conservative American household I think I'd know better than to keep my nasty, mean spirited, bitchy, self centred trash talk to myself.

5) Misha

I honestly don't have a problem with the 'lonely guy gets hot/super powerful magical girlfriend' genre in anime/manga. But if you've read the english version of the manga you will probably know that Misha is the MOST IRRITATING LITTLE GLITTERBALL ever. She's ditzy and useless despite being an angel, she clings to the main character like a limpet and she talks like a 5 YEAR OLD. All the time it's 'we're gonna have shoo much funny wunny! I luvy wuvy you so vewy vewy much!'. I want to slap this idiot repeatedly, she's even more annoying than the rest of the cast (which considering the cast is made up of emos, idiots, drama whores and psychos is saying a lot)

Oh and she has a TWAGIC BACKSTORY relating to the main boy....which takes over 7 books to explain despite the story being lame and confusing, and apparently is an excuse for her being a MASSIVE FAILURE AT LIFE.

4) Johnny Test

Am I the only one who's realised this whole show is a genderswap of Dexter's Lab? Only instead of the focus being on the smart redhead and his dopey sister being the secondary character, we shift focus to the dopey blonde 'totally not Bart Simpson or Ben 10 or any other crappy cartoon sitcom bad kid' little brother with the smart redheads (see, there are TWO geniuses, it's TOTALLY DIFFERENT) as plot devices. And I would have completely forgiven that if the animation hadn't suddenly become really cheap looking compared to the rather nice animation of the first episodes I watched. The new designs are so cheap and are animated so badly, and the characters are either really dull or really ugly.

3) Quackers

Tom&Jerry has a surprising number of reoccurring characters despite the episodes being standalone. Spike and Tyke, the various cats Tom hangs out with, the housekeeper lady, canaries, goldfish and other mice...but the only one that downright offends me is this little freak. His irritating speech impediment would be endearing if he ever stopped jabbering and whining and singing. He's a pathetic waste of space and completely breaks the silent comedy of the Tom&Jerry cartoons in a way that no other speaking character could. He's not cute, he's not funny, and he needs to drown.

2) Katnappe

There are very few shows that I will completely dismiss based on the suckness of one character. Most shows can be redeemed by the good qualities of the rest of the cast to drown out the one character I dislike (Azumanga and American Dad are great examples of this). But in this case despite the rest of the cast being pretty cool and well written all the goodness of this show is SUCKED AWAY by the awfulness of this character.

Everything about this character, from her dreadful name (seriously saying out loud makes you sound like a moron) to the fact that she's just a poor man's catwoman (a character designed to be alluring and sultry...which fails if you're under the age of 18). I would not be surprised if this character was made up by an 8 year old. She's like Rouge the Bat only boring and with even less of a reason to exist beyond blatant sexual tension and fanservice. And that wouldn't bug me in a kids show so much if her name alone didn't make me want to gag....I mean...SERIOUSLY? KaNAPPE? And it's pronounced 'KatNappy' guys do realise that 'nappy' is the British term for a diaper right? Urgh

1) Rin

When I put Haruhi on the list I dropped her down a few places because I can see why perhaps the character might be attractive to some fans. Who wouldn't want to have the power she does and be able to blow away anyone who tries to stop you?

The same cannot be said for this degenerate of an anime character.

For all the things that are wrong with this character, her lack of personality, her gross sexual drive, her demanding and creepy loli-characteristics and her horrible 'punch me' smirk the one thing that tips me over the edge is the fact that we are SUPPOSED TO BE SYMPATHETIC TO HER.

Why? Why should we feel sorry for this abusive, bullying, manipulative, self centred mini sexual deviant? BECAUSE HER MUM DIED. OH BOO FUCKING HOO.

There is no defence for a character who repeatedly tries to sexually assault/humiliate her male teacher to the point where he risks loosing his job and even getting a criminal record. I don't care how many of her family members died, that is a cheap plot point to try and justify the character’s behaviour, and it is NOT GOOD ENOUGH. But hey, this is magical sparkly fantasy anime land where the logic of the real world doesn't exist and creepy little kids can come onto their adult teachers for the sake of laughs and (shudder) fanservice for loli-philes.

Fuck that, I reject your fetish fantasy and replace it with my reality. This character is a freakish creep meant only a loli fetish material.
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raygirl Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Professional Filmographer
Hello?  Are you a time traveller from the 1990's?

Because the last time I got a chain message this dumb it was by snail-mail and I was about 10.  I ripped it up and didn't pass it on to 20 people, and have not had any demonic interactions for 19 years.  Kind of a disappointment really.  

But anyway, judging by your recent post history it's clear you're just doing this in an attempt to get attention.

So well done, you have my attention.  What do you have to say for yourself?  Do you have something you want to talk about?  I'm listening. 
SoldierBoyXIII Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2014
At least Kyon actually stood up to Haruhi when she got Mikuru drunk
raygirl Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2014  Professional Filmographer
Oh well I guess that completely excuses everything else Haruhi did to Mikuru and everyone else in the course of the series XD  
SoldierBoyXIII Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2014
Most of what she did, I was like "Eh, it's Haruhi." The stunt with the alcohol, though... that was crossing the line
raygirl Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Professional Filmographer
Black mail, groping and physical violence without punishment are all 'just Haruhi being Haruhi'.  This is why I hate this character.  I don't care if that's a trait for her, it's a shoddy one and it rubs me the wrong way.
SoldierBoyXIII Featured By Owner 6 days ago
I can see that. And even if you DO tolerate it, there's a line
GripMoonwolf Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Possible negativity towards Evangelion detected. Prepare for comments whinier than Shinji...
raygirl Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2014  Professional Filmographer
hahaha XD  I think bigger, more passionate people than me have said much nastier things about Evangeleon XD
GripMoonwolf Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Possibly because they, like most people who watch it (myself included), had no idea what the fuck was going on. :P
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