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August 17, 2006
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Guide to Devmeets by raygirl Guide to Devmeets by raygirl
YAY DEVMEETS! A gathering where deviants from all over the world who are joined through one art site can meet up and have a right laugh

While the successful DA Summit was talked about a lot on DA, the little devmeets that go on all over the world rarely get a mention on DA. Because of this, many deviants have never been to one, or don't even know what they are.

So, I was encouraged to write up this tutorial about Devmeets based on my own expeciences with the idea of encouraging people who have never heard of a devmeet to take part. Because as we all know (or should know) DA isn't just about the art, it's about the community and sharing the things you love. What better way to do that than in real life with a brunch of other crazy deviants?

THIS FILE CAN ONLY BE VIEWED BY DOWNLOADING IT. Download the zip file to your desktop, open it up and view the HTML page specially designed by the talented and super :iconzilla774:. It's that easy! (trust me, if I can do it, anyone can)

This document will tell you all you'll need to know about taking part of your first devmeet, how to make the most of your day, and what to expect when you get there. The catagories in this document include:

What is a Devmeet?
When and Where do Devmeets take place?
How do I become part of a Devmeet?
Finding the Devmeet
Planning your first Meet
Arrival at the Meet
At the Meet
Safety Tips
The end of the Devmeet
After the devmeet
Organising a Devmeet
Things to Consider

Even if you're a Devmeet veteran, feel free to browse the document and see if you agree/disagree with what I've said. I can only base this document on my own experiences, but I hope I've covered all the bases!

:star:Special thanks:star:

I have mentioned these people at the end of the document, but they need to be thanked as often as possible for being such super, wonderful people

:iconmaxwell-heza: - Talented artist and community member extrodinare. Without her i may never have written this guide. She knows how important the community on DA is, and she's a welcomming and lovely person all round. She's not only been my proof reader, but more importantly she wrote the section about Organising your own devmeet, a hugely useful topic for anyone thinking of starting up their own meet. :hug:

:iconzilla774: - the amazingly talented programmer who made this zip file out of my word document, so it's much nicer to read and easier to browse through. Another Devmeet organiser and regular attendee who cares about the community spirit of DA. I can't thank him enough for taking time out of his busy work schedual (and juggling DAv5's launch with the other directors) to put this file together, cause it looks AWESOME :hug:

And of course, thanks to all the people who have ever organised or attended devmeets, without you guys the DA community would be a lot less fun and welcoming. You guys make DA what it is, a place for people of like minds to share art and good times!

This guide is approved by :iconbritain:, the club for brit deviants and britain-based devmeets. Keep up to date with all the latest meets!
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Given 2006-08-19
Guide to Devmeets by *raygirl is the answer to your prayers if you've been wanting to hold a devMEET but haven't been sure how to go about it. Extremely comprehensive! ( Featured by blackice )
FlyingSkySnow Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
found this extremely helpful thank you x

Tsubaki-chan09 Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2013
Wow.. You have... opened me up alitle now!
Thank you, I mean, im a shy person around strangers, and I think ill try and force myself to open up a little now. ^^
Since im going to some cosplay meet-ups, I should open up. ^^;
Martin-Fredskov Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2012  Professional General Artist
Thanks for the post, useful to a newly promoted Event-manager :dance:
raygirl Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2012  Professional Filmographer
Fantastic! i hope your future meets are a great success :)
Martin-Fredskov Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2012  Professional General Artist
Thanks :) Got some plans already, just need a bit o' air below the wings of the idea
Shireen-Yogi Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2012
I missed the one last Month so I'm definitely going to this one!
M-L-I-I Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2012
I know this is old but I'm thinking of going to the this year one and this helps a lot. o3o
raygirl Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2012  Professional Filmographer
it would be MOST AWESOME if you could!
M-L-I-I Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2012
I know right? 8D~
Rushy Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2011
How is it that I never :+fav:'d this before??
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