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July 11, 2011
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CMC - our newest member by raygirl CMC - our newest member by raygirl

Ok, so i noticed that :iconcmc-yay: were holding a contest where you had to draw Dinky with the other Cutie Mark Crusaders....and despite not being a member and therefore unable to enter (looks like someone wanted me to you? :D glee!), I wanted to draw a pic in that theme as I think Dink would get on great with the other CMC's :)

I love Derpy in the background there, really pleased with how this turned out :D



'...and in recognition of your willingness and helpfulness towards members of the club we'd like to welcome you, Dinky-Doo, to the Cutie Mark Crusaders!'
Dinky couldn't help fidgeting with excitement, trying to hold in a squee of joy as SweetieBelle carefully tied the red and gold-trimmed cape around her shoulders.
'Ohmygoshohmygosh!' she spluttered breathlessly, barely able to contain her delight, 'Thank you so much you guys!!!'
'Well ya'll earned it!' said Applebloom, giving an encouraging smile, 'ya'll helped us so much these last few days, and you don't have a cutie mark either, so it totally makes sense that you'd fit in with us.'
'Yeah, we definitely needed someone smart like you in our group!' added Scootaloo who was hopping about with glee behind Dinky, flapping her wings to stay airborne. Dinky held out her fore-hooves to admire the swish of the cloth, along with the Cutie Mark Crusaders logo sewn inexpertly onto it to match the other fillies.
'I'll do my best! I won't let you guys down, I promise!'

On the far side of the room Dinky's mother Ditzy-Doo laid a plate of warm muffins on the coffee table alongside the teapot, and glanced over her shoulder at the fillies playing on the floor. She smiled; finally her dearest Muffin had nice fillies of her own age to play with. These little ones who liked her for all her good points and who didn't judge her just because she had a 'weird' mum. Yessir, these fillies were definitely something special...


What did Dinky do to help the CMC? Hell if I know, this picture doesn't really have a storyline to it ;D If anyone is inspired to write snippets about it then go right ahead. Otherwise, ENJOY THE PICTURE :heart:

Oop, almost forgot, the Cutie Mark Crusaders logo on the capes was vectored by the very awesome :iconatomicgreymon: and the original is HERE:

Thanks AtomicG!
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Mario-McFly Featured By Owner May 4, 2014
I would SO like to see that happen on the show!!!
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omg so cute
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Sweetie Belle: We, the Cutie Mark Crusaders, elect Derpeline Dinkamena Hooves, Junior, to join us as a sister, friend, confidaynte, alley, boss-om buddy, gal pal, compader, chum of chums ... and fellow Cutie Mark Crusader! You are solemnly sworn in, here this day, in witness of your fellow sisters, friends, confidantes...
Mario-McFly Featured By Owner May 4, 2014
Derpeline Dinkamena Hooves? Where'd you dig up that name?

Jack Sparrow: That's interesting, mate.
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How touching * tear falls from cheek* 
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I have no words *sheds tear*
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I love the idea that Derpy is a single mom. We need more of that in fiction.
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aww thats such a sweet lttle story ^.^
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Cute. ^^
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