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May 23, 2017
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May 23, 2017
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May 23, 2017
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May 23, 2017
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May 23, 2017
9:41 am
It's been an age and a bit since i updated my DA journal, and i was tagged by the very sweet :iconinkingsky: to talk about my character Fennex....and how could I possibly say not to that? :D

1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other people along with the characters you want them to write about 
4. Post their avatars and write the character names next to them.

8 facts about Fennex
The Rain was Never Cold when I was Young by raygirl

1. Fennex gets his name partly because it sounds like 'Pheonix' (Fennex is a fire angel) and partly from a store in the UK called 'Fenwick' which is pronounced Fennex...and it always bugged me as a kid that it was pronounced that way XD

2. Fennex is the rayangel of fire and as such has a high tolerance for heat. As well as being able to shrug off fire and hold/touch hot objects without fear he can also regulate his body heat so it stays at a constant temperature regardless of the weather.

3. Fennex was raised by his father Goliath after his mother died when he was a baby. He has a very close relationship with his dad and admires him greatly.

4. Fennex comes from a long line of fire-based limbless beings who draw their powers from a phoenix bird spirit. The spirit is passed down from parent to child each generation, and as well and blessing the bearer with fire magic it can also transform them into a huge firebird if trained correctly. The firebird form looks similar to the Boss Bird from Rayman Origins.

5. He's an amazing cook who loves to experiment with recipes. His favourite foods include super spicy stews and curries, chilli chocolate and marshmallows.

6. Fennex is terrified of deep water and can't swim

7. Despite his size and dangerous powers Fennex is a big old sweetheart who loves warm hugs and making new friends. It's VERY hard to make Fennex angry.

8. As well as baking Fennex loves bird watching, going for long, quiet flights, and taking part in fire-based festivals. He enjoys using his fire powers to entertain rather than to fight.

I also got tagged by :iconsny--eamdray: to do this with my character Osiah.  I figured I'd attach this onto my existing journal and keep the tagees the same.

8 facts about Osiah!
Osier the Dryad by raygirl

1. Osiah is a dryad who's connected to a tree in an abandoned human village.  The tree has grown there for hundreds of years and Osiah was there to witness the growth and decay of the village.  As far as he is concerned the village is his domain. 
Since the village was abandoned Osiah moved into the stone church of the village and made it his home.  While still connected to his tree he's turned the church into a sanctuary and healing station for mythical creatures in the area.  His powers over plants have cut the village off to outsiders.

2. Osiah is terribly shy when it comes to newcomers unless they seek medical attention.  He's good at administering care proffessionally but struggles deeply with small talk and general socialising.  Hence he only has a small group of close friends.

3. Osiah is gifted in healing and medical care, using his vast knowledge of plants and herbs to tend to those who seek his aid.  He is also a very steady handed surgeon and potion brewer when needed.

4.  Despite his shyness towards humans Osiah is fascinated by human beings, moreso than the magical creatures he surrounds himself with.  He would love to get close and learn more about them, but he is terrified of scaring them.

5.  Couples with his curiosity with humans Ossie also has a thing for human architecture, hence why he took over the village church.  He has a thing for human made structures, which extents to dolls houses, bird houses, house-shaped lanterns and other small decorative homes. 

6. Being a tree creature Ossie's natural fear is fire.  He's fine with candles and even campfires but gets anxious if fires are left burning unchecked or not dowsed properly.

7. Ossie'  cannot travel too far from his 'home tree'.  The only way to move further would be to abandon his tree and move to a new one, but this leaves him vulnerable and powerless, so he chose to stay close to him home in the village.

8. Despite being hundreds of years old Ossie is quite young for a nymph and fairly naive about the wider world beyond his tree-based knowledge, hence his curiosity for human beings.

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